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Each property will identify its subdivision (above-left). You can visit our Lake Communities page for more information on many of the subdivisions on Lake Keowee. On each community page there are links to search for properties in that community (above-right). You will also find (on most of them) a PDF tax map, a Google Map, and a slideshow with photos of homes and amenities.

  • IDX (Internet Data Exchange) is a version of the MLS made for public use. This page gives you access to the available property listings in the Golden Corner in Upstate south Carolina, including Lake Keowee. The system is easy to understand and use.
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  • Our MLS covers many areas besides Lake Keowee. Be sure to select Keowee from the Lake list if you want to search only there. Many of the subdivisions listed are on other areas, also.
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  • Under Lake Features there are two choices that apply to dock permits. Duke Energy - By Permit applies to Lakes Keowee and Jocassee. For Lake Hartwell use Dockable By Permit.

WARNING — Paradise Ain't Cheap!

If you are not familiar with Lake Keowee, there are a few things you should know before you get started.

The First Law of buying real estate in the Carolina mountain lakes is, Paradise Ain't Cheap. Lake Keowee is mostly is a resort community and second home area. A 3 bedroom, 2 bath lakefront home will start at about $400,000. Good lots with water frontage are usually $200,000 and up, though in todays' market you can find some bargains among bank-owned properties in the low $100,000s, as well as some interior or lake view lots in lake access communities. If you want a mountain view, it will go up from there. All the features you want are available here, depending on how much you are willing to invest.

If you suffer a case of “sticker shock” when you see what is available for the money here, don't despair. Beautiful property is available in every price range. You might want to consider a strategy that many people use to get established in our area. Buy an inexpensive condominium, keep it for a few years, and trade up when it appreciates. Condominiums in lake access communities are sometimes available from about $200,000 and up. Also, you might want to buy a an interior home now and make the move to the waterfront later. Another way to start is to get a group of people to buy a vacation home and share the time.